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Devoted to inspire you to create a life and business in alignment with your essence and soul.

Together we co-create our reality and our beautiful planet earth. Embody your essence. Be the light. We are the change we are waiting for.

Newest Episodes

Episode 31 – Money is the most dense way of energy exchange

Everything we do is always an energy exchange.

Business at its roots is built on the exchange of energy. Money is the most dense form of energy and therefore an easy way to conserve and exchange for our gifts and services.

Episode 30 – Intention Setting vs. Goals

Goal setting can be supportive for us to reach where we want to go, but often it doesn’t really take into account how the journey looks like.
The journey of who you become on the path of reaching your goal is just as important and often so rewarding as the end goal itself. Intention setting invites you to ask yourself why you want to reach a certain goal and how you want to feel on the way there.

Episode 29 – Selflove is the foundation for Embodiment

Selflove is the foundation for a business and life that nourishes us and feels meaningful.
It is the practice to meet everything of ourselves in truth and honesty and create new layers of trust and a fertile soil to create an embodiment of clarity, confidence and freedom.

Episode 28 – Abundance is the foundation for growth

In this episode I share about my experience around tapping into the frequency of abundance and building our business from the inside out.
Taking up space and deeply trusting ourselves is the foundation for a fulfilling and soul aligned business that doesn’t feel like job, but nourishes as and does feel like our deepest soul calling.

Episode 27 – Moving from procrastination to sparking creativity and passion

Some practical and tangible steps and inspiration on how you can create a fertile soil and inspiring environment to reconnect with the your passion and spark your creativity to be inspired to work, create and grow your business in a slow and sustainable way.

Episode 26 – The art of pricing your offer

Pricing is at the heart of your business and in my experience deeply intuitive and personal.

It is connected with where you are on your path of growth and where you are at on a level of capacity in your nervous system regarding how much money you can hold and how much capacity you have to serve and do the work you are here to do.

Listen to this podcast episode to find out how you can dive in to find your aligned pricing for your offerings.

Episode 25 – The difference between a niche and a soul client

Your energy is the foundation and in the sacred energy exchange with your soul client is where your business becomes a business.

Knowing who your soul client is creates clarity and confidence to create from the inside out. It gives you direction on your next steps and supports you in creating a brand that is magnetic and coherent.

In this episode you find inspiration on where to start to connect with your soul client and how this supports you in your growth.

Episode 24 – Marketing is like spreading confetti

I know from myself that there can be a lot of conditioning, fears and resistance around marketing for us as soulful entrepreneurs and I do feel I have found my way of how it does feel light and aligned for me to be consistent visible and create momentum and growth for my business.

Marketing an feel joyful and magical. Discover more about my approach in this podcast episode.

Episode 23 – My mission and the roots of my business

I hold the intention of a world where we all lean into our strengths, and support each other to see our light. Where we all are the lighthouses that weave a net of beauty and prosperity for all of us.

Episode 22 – Your thoughts and spoken word create your reality

Our thoughts have an energy frequency and if we curate our spoken words to be aligned with our thoughts and emotions, we have the potential to create our reality.

If we think one thing and share another we create an incoherence and our potential of creation feels small and sometimes our energy stuck.

If we align them we become powerful creators of our life.

Episode 21 – 5 Aspects of Embodied Leadership

In this episode I share five aspects of embodied leadership and different ways of how you can practice to strengthen your trust in yourself and expand your capacity to hold more and lead yourself from the inside out.

Episode 20 – Sacred Marketing and finding Safety in Visibility

In this Podcast Episode I share three steps for you that support you to create a safe place inside of yourself from which you express yourself freely, expand your capacity and grow in your own rhythm.

Episode 19 – The Medicine of the Universe and my personal transformation from this last year

In this Episode I share a little bit about what I mean with “the Medicine of the Universe” and the obstacles and thoughts around growing out of an old version of ourselves to be able step into our vision and dreams.

Episode 18 – 3 tips to move from procastination to inspired action

In this episode I will share the three main things I do to get unstuck and move forward with my projects and ideas.

Episode 17 – Branding and the art of weaving energy into the deeper layers of our business

In this episode we explore the energy layers of your brand that shape and hold the invisible container and make your business magnetic for the right clients.

Episode 16 – How to use the full moon energy for your business growth

The full moon is the energy peak with the most of light and outward expression.

Episode 15 – Inside and outside motivation

This is an invitation to dive deeper to find out where in your life you are creating and taking action from the inside out or the outside in.

Episode 14 – Silent integrity and the most important teaching of my grandfather

Silent integrity to me means being deeply connected with our inner essence and following our own truth and serving the world through the work we do from the inside out instead from the outside in.

Episode 13 – Attracting clients instead of chasing them

In this episode, I share the difference between when we are in an energetic state of attraction for our clients and when we are chasing clients.

Episode 12 – Building bridges takes away pressure and gives the possibility to grow sustainable assets

Slow and soul-aligned growth in a society and surroundings where so much is about competition, profit, quantum leaps, and fast results can sometimes feel like creating a revolution.

Episode 11 – Change your perspective to grow your business in a soul aligned way

In this episode, I share how changing your perspective creates a field of energy around you and a center of trust inside you that is a fertile ground for growth in a sustainable way.

Episode 10 – Calling in clients – 3 tangible steps

In this episode I share three tangible steps and my experience of how to call in clients in your soul aligned business.

Episode 9 – Autumn Energy in your business

Keeping connected with our goals and committed to our vision and nourishing what is alive and what brings inspiration instead of fixating on numbers regarding our growth.

Episode 8 – Your Business and the Garden of Abundance

I love to see my business projects like a garden of abundance where we can put seeds into the ground, where seedlings need tending, where fruits need harvesting and withered plants need to be cut back and given back to nature.

Episode 7 – The Essence of Soulful Marketing

Shifting our energy about marketing from feeling that it is something complicated and not aligned towards a way of showing up with an open and genuine heart.

Episode 6 – Celebration ignites business growth

Growing our business in a soulful way it is normal that our journey has many ups and downs. Celebrating and practicing gratitude is a way of really noticing all the good things that are happening to us and for us.

Episode 5 – Launching Creates Expansion

Launching a product or website is a way of expanding our current normal and creating a new and bigger capacity.

Episode 4: Being busy versus living a full life

Being in a feeling of not enough creates scarcity and is not the place I want to work from in my own business.

Therefore I share my own experience and insights on how I reframe being busy towards fullness and gratitude.

Episode 3: Commitment creates momentum

Commitment creates momentum. 

Your energy investment creates a magnetic field that attracts the things to you that you show up for.

Episode 2: Inhale and exhale to create sustainable business growth

Creating a sustainable business from the inside out, with the rhythm of your own breathing.

Episode 1: Building a paradigm of love and abundance together

In the paradigm we grew up in it didn’t feel safe to be ourselves, to express our beauty, to let ourselves be seen as who we fully are, and to full life from our essence and soul.

About Essentia Lux and who I am

We all have an essence and I believe that we are all coming from a place of infinite abundance and unconditional love.

I believe that our natural state is a state of balance.

Kind words

  • I LOVE the podcast and look forward to new episodes. The first two I listened to a few times to let it all sink in. I can deeply relate to escaping this world, even if for me reading and investing myself in the abstract worlds of study and achieving was my way of getting away. I am only now inviting my soul to really be here on planet earth and bringing her light fully into it.

    Also, I find it so inspiring what you created for yourself and your family, living the life that is truly yours. I hope one day, I will do so, too! Much love, Lea

    Lea-Sophia Lehrer
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