About Me
and the life I created

I hear the birds chirping while being wrapped in silence. It is early morning and I am walking barefoot outside through the soil that is still cold from the night.

I look at the growth in our vegetable garden beets, pick some fresh strawberries and smell the orange blossoms on our tree.

Once I sipped my first tea in silence and took some time to journal, I hear my beloved getting ready and we take the 5-minute walk through a small nature path to the beach.

There are only really few people in the early morning and the air is still fresh. We enjoy the dip into the cold sea, swim through the crystal clear water, and warm ourselves in the morning sun.


When we moved here to this small Island called Menorca a few years ago, I couldn’t yet imagine that my days would start like this before I am sitting down and doing client work. I dreamt of freedom, space, and alignment.

I called this life in and took the necessary action steps into my desired direction, but my imagination of how it would feel was way smaller than the reality I am living in now.

Living sustainably and aligned with our values.
We do have only a small tiny home that is for us as a family of 4 and we have a garden that we love.
It feels like such an intentional creation process that brought us here. It was the connection to the question of how success looks and feels like to us as a family and the courage to change the things that once felt right.
The trust in the journey and ourselves.


To me, creating a business is not only about creating a business.
I want my business to be the roots of my life. It is the place where we absorb all the nutrients through the rich soil and where we nourish the life we desire.
I love what I do. My business and the beautiful connections I have with my clients nourish me and fill me up.
I love my life. I love the time I spend with my beloved and our daughters.
Enjoying time in the sea, sharing delicious meals, and seeing my daughters believe in their dreams.
Closing the gap between our human physical being and our divine essence which is our soul is a practice of integration.
It means to be willing to look at reality and how we truly show up and walk our talk in our physical form and expression.
To accept our shadows so we can integrate them.
The practice of loving ourselves deeper with all of who we are.
The practice of trusting ourselves and our own inner authority.
Leading ourselves in the way we show up and who we become through this showing up.
One of the places and one of my strategies to protect my very tender essence from a really young age was to close myself down as showing my light and being in my full expression didn’t really feel safe.
So I wrapped layers of protection around me that show up in many different ways.
A lot of them I unraveled and integrated in the past years and this is a lifelong journey with many phases and layers which are foundational for healing and creating new neuro-pathways in our mind.
= Essence
= Light

Our expression of our essence and our light is needed here on our planet right now in the shift we are going through.

This is your time to embrace all of who you are and allow yourself to be whole and worthy, just the way you are right now.

This is the transformation

of the shadow places inside of us, so we can fully own our light and strengths.


Essentia Lux is a place where you are deeply aware of who you are and what your strengths are. A place where you trust in yourself and create a business from this place of soul inside of you. A place where you are emotionally stable so you can create the life of freedom, abundance, and expression you deeply desire.

Essentia Lux is your essence of being and the mastery of energy and light.
Welcome home to yourself.