beautiful woman

This online sanctuary is a place rooted in unconditional love and infinite abundance.

Your light and essence are the foundation to create a life and business that are fulfilling and nourishing you.

Essentia Lux is a container to practice the embodiment of abundance and be devoted to presence and beauty.

We practice energy mastery to raise our consciousness and through that the consciousness of our planet. We are the co-creators of our own reality and our business and life are rooted in freedom.

We are
the change

We create a world where we make decisions from the heart and a reality that is rooted in abundance for all of us.

I embody and teach to be human and divine.

We are committed to living fearless, free, and in emotional stability.

Taking courageous, confident, and inspired action rooted in sovereignty, trust, and self-leadership.

Creating ritual and holding space for expression and creation that is in alignment with our essence and who we truly are on a soul level.

Journal prompts to align your energy with abundance.


Building our business and consciously creating a life we love isn’t a one-time event.

It is a practice.
It is rooted in who we are and how we take inspired action.

My wish for creating this place is to have a place for us to sustainably expand, grow and change beyond what we believe is possible. A place where we can be who we truly are, a place for integration and community.

Essentia Lux
Devoted to inspire you to create a life and business in alignment with your essence and soul.
Together we co-create our reality and our beautiful planet earth. Embody your essence. Be the light. We are the change we are waiting for.
What we are seeing in the world that seems like chaos, is an old paradigm built on fear, lack, and scarcity that is falling.
With this fall, there is a transformation that is happening for each and every one of us.
It is the transformation from living in a simulation of lack towards the rebirth of ourselves where we fully express through and from our essence.
A place inside of us that feels free, abundant, and worthy.  A place where we deeply know and trust who we are.
This is the new paradigm of love.
And we are the co-creators of it.