Episode 8 - Your Business and the garden of abundance

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  • Business is a cycle
  • Trusting our own journey. There is so much distraction and our resistance can support us in not tending to what is in front of us, but believe that we need more or different.
  • I love to see my business projects like a garden of abundance where we can put seeds into the ground, where seedlings need tending, where fruits need harvesting and withered plants need to be cut back and given back to nature.
  • The awareness of these cycles and trusting the next little step in front of us is what makes us grow.
  • It is not about perfection, but so much about consistency, commitment, and taking steps forward.
  • This supports us in growing our experience and mastering our craft.
  • There are big seeds and small seeds. Flowers grow fast and have lovely happy energy like the Sunflower and other plants that take a long time and feel stable and safe like an olive tree. There are roots growing like potatoes that can nourish you and then there are herbs and seedlings.
  • Your garden is unique. The attention your garden needs is unique.

I love to ask myself the following questions in my morning journal:

  • What seed do you want to sew today?
  • What seedling needs tending?
  • What fruits are ready to be harvested?
  • What withered plants do I want to let go of?

In my Aurum Membership, we take the time to tend to our garden of abundance. We meet for co-working sessions to tend to your seedlings, I share lessons to nourish the growth like last month's session on money and the nervous system and you also find a meditation called "Your garden of abundance" to connect with the vision of your growing inner garden.

I would love to welcome you in. This is a safe space to share and grow.