Episode 9 - Autumn Energy in your business

Keeping connected with our goals and committed to our vision and nourishing what is alive and what brings inspiration instead of fixating on numbers regarding our growth.

Building a business needs nourishing.

It needs commitment and showing up for what we desire.

From studying my own human design and getting certified in human design for business certification this year, I learned that I do have the energy for this commitment and this is a big part of what I share with my clients when we work together.

I hold the space for this in our Aurum membership circle. We do have monthly co-working sessions where we show up with an intention for 90 minutes. We share our intention at the beginning of the session and reflect on our learnings at the end of the session.

Join us now.

Holding the space in this way creates a deep and sacred commitment for your aligned business growth. I would love to welcome you into the circle with us.