Episode 1 - Building a paradigm of love and abundance together

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Episode 1 - Building a paradigm of love and abundance together

Essentia Lux | Soulful Business by Eos Koch


In the paradigm we grew up in it didn't feel safe to be ourselves, to express our beauty, to let ourselves be seen as who we fully are, and to full life from our essence and soul.

And this paradigm is about to crumble and fall into itself.
The system isn't working anymore.
A system of a school where we get punished and caged in and programmed with the knowledge we are not interested in.
A system of money that is based on lack and scarcity thinking.
A system of competition where someone has to lose so someone else can win.
A system of health that is based on sickness instead of reinforcing the places of how to take care of ourselves. The false illusion of fixing our deep-seated experiences from the past with a pill out of the fear of unraveling the shadows and feel through them.

I just became so clear on how we as a human race give away our precious energy in so many ways still.

It is our time to take this energy back.
It is the time to co-create our own paradigm that is built on love, abundance, and bliss.
It is our daily choice on how we think, feel and take inspired action.

Leaning into our strengths and sharing from a place of being filled up in our energy and not from a place of neediness.
Sharing from a place of service.
Building businesses from a place of love.