Human Design Gate 16 | Gene Key 16

Essentia 16: Mastery

The essence of the human design gate 16 is versatility and skill.

The name in the I-Ching 16 is: Enthusiasm

At the level of highest expression, this key has the energy to embody and penetrate any of the other energy essences and master any skill by being an open channel for consciousness to express through you in human form.

Using this energy in your soulful business:

  • You are your own leader. You know what is best for you and what your next step in business and life is.
  • Allow yourself to be different and do things your own and unique way.
  • Focus on your zone of genius.
  • Take inspired action and practice your skills to anchor yourself into the path of mastery.
  • Mastery is not about perfection, but about practice, integration and embodiment.
  • Follow your dreams and trust there is always enough time to do everything you desire to do.
  • Your dreams only become a reality if you keep moving and taking the action steps in their direction.

This energy is the key to mastery.

At the foundation of it, there is practice and embodiment. Take aligned action to create embodiment. Practice your skills until those skills merge and become a part of you and who you are.

Enthusiasm is the starter energy that gets you and the ones around you into movement and action.

You have the potential to understand the energy signature that weaves through every fabric of existence.

Do the things that fill up your energy, support others, and create a better world for all of us.

Spread your wings as wide as possible and trust that you can fly.

If you have gate 16 activated in your chart:

  • Your courage and your enthusiasm have the power to break through the collective energetic walls that keep you small.
  • Enthusiasm is what ignites you to get going.
  • Know your dreams and get clear on your desires.
  • Start moving and take action.
  • Start before you are ready and things will align for you. Trust that you are always ready.
  • Everything you know, do, and have is enough.
  • Lead from a place of service with a wide-open heart.
  • Your passion and forward movement serve our planet in its evolution.
  • Share from a place of intuition.
  • You are a bridge to higher states of consciousness.
  • Practice is the path to mastery.
  • Be of service to humanity through showing up from a place of desire.

Shadow of Gene Key 16:

  • Moving with enthusiasm into the unknown without being sufficiently prepared.
  • Having lots of plans and ideas but not taking pragmatic action steps and therefore not moving forward.
  • Feeling indifferent and therefore always in the same routine.
  • Following the collective shadow and blindly believing what others say is true for us out of indifference.
  • Building a golden cage that keeps us small and comfortable.
  • Fear of leaving our comfort zone.

Learnings from Human Design Gate 16:

  • Allow yourself to be different, take self-responsibility and do things your way as a means to create embodiment, practice your skills and anchor yourself into the path of mastery.
  • Do what you love and follow your dreams.