Human Design Gate 24 | Gene Key 24

Essentia 24: Invention

The essence of the human design gate 24 is invention.

The name in the I-Ching 24 is: Returning

This gate has the energy to rationalize information so they make sense.

You are able to see what is working in ideas and have a gift of sharing a rational concept with others so they can understand too.

This key is the energy of birthing new and original creations when you allow yourself to lean back and let go of control.


Using this energy in your soulful business:

  • You most likely have very deep and rich knowledge and an active mind that is able to create rational thoughts.
  • You have a gift of finding resolutions to open questions and create value for others through bridging this gap.
  • Be sure to value your thoughts and ideas, as others are looking for your clarity.
  • You inspire others to see the world in a new light.
  • Identify the experiences with potential for growth and expansion and support others to see them too.
  • You have the energy and rational clarity to resolve old problems with new and original ideas.
  • You have the potential to be a genius.
  • Use your creativity to create offers that solve problems you see.


The energy of this gate is to make sense of the experiences around you and share them with the world.

Your mind processes information to make new and creative inventions.

If you have gate 24 activated in your chart:

  • Your experiences are a gift when you share them with us.
  • You are self-reflective and can look deep into yourself to find out what is true.
  • You are one of the big thinkers in the world and you can inspire others to think about the mysteries of life.
  • Find time for silence to create transformation.
  • Silence creates a space for you to think and act in original ways.
  • Be sure to allow yourself to be happy in the moment and with what you have before striving for more.
  • Gift yourself the time to contemplate and trust the process of how your brain is processing information.
  • Accept that you do not know and you don’t need to know.

Shadow of Gene Key 24:

  • Be careful to not follow the loops of your own mind on repeat.
  • The fear of not having answers or sharing concepts and ideas that are not true.
  • You are afraid to never find an answer to something.
  • Don’t hold yourself back from your own growth by
  • Let go of the fear of not knowing enough.
  • Don’t numb or distract yourself in order to hide your imperfection from yourself.

Learnings from Human Design Gate 24:

  • This energy is at the heart of creative processing and inventing new solutions and ideas.
  • You have the potential to make sense of the experiences around you and share them with the world. By embracing the gaps of not knowing you access states of higher awareness and intelligence.