Episode 3 - Commitment creates momentum

Commitment creates momentum.

Your energy investment creates a magnetic field that attracts the things to you that you show up for.

This is your power of creation.

To make space in your heart, mind, and soul, for the things you want to show up for in your life.

When you know your desires and what your intention is, the next steps on your journey become really clear.

The first exercise in the Aurum Membership is to connect with your highest timeline. The future version of you that you desire to become and the future version of your business that would mean authentic success for you.

The commitment your put into something is the energy you dedicate to it.

The energy that comes back from it is the momentum you created.

If you want to grow your business, placing your energy into the growth, alignment, and feeling safe and stable in your own work, is the foundation to your success and abundance.

Trust yourself.