Group coaching call Dec 2021

Recording of our group coaching call from December 27th where we explored expansion and the edge of our comfort zone:
Our card for the call was “YES” and this feels like the perfect energy to allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and ride the wave.
Let’s remember to do it before we truly feel ready because if we wait for ready, we probably will never start.
I loved how a community is forming and your offerings, ideas, and sharing are always very much welcome.
Feel free to share them in the comments below. Share the places where people can find you, connect with you and see your offerings or just share your offering directly in the comments below with us as this helps us to support you and it supports you in practicing to share, be visible, and let yourself be seen.
As shared in our call here are the next steps of the women who joined today:
  • Maria wants to write her newsletter and find places and communities online where she can share her offering with people who are interested in Astrology. Her comfort zone is to do the work and she has lots of knowledge, skill and depth. The thing that feels at the edge or outside of her comfort zone is offering her services and being visible.
  • Miriam want to invite a friend to her workshop and gift her a book. She wants to do the workshop in the first week of January 2022.
  • Alice wants to prepare her first newsletter and send it out in mid-January 2022. She wants to look at the survey results.
  • Anja wants to create her online academy and have everything ready for April 12th to be launched.

If you are looking at the replay, feel free to share your next step in the comments below. Adding a timeframe helps you to stay committed and accountable to yourself.

Share your offerings, newsletters, websites, Instagram or Facebook accounts in the comment section below. Let’s support each other and help each other grow.

6 thoughts on “Group coaching call Dec 2021

  1. Alice Toohey

    Hello all,
    Here are my 2022 offering so far 🙂

    Offering #1: Deathtending Survey – this 7 question survey dives deep quite rapidly, so please take a moment and a deep breath if you want to take the survey. It’s an inventory of sorts, a chance to look at your relationship to death in 2021 and share anonymously about this. I won’t share your answers.

    Offering #2: Deathtending Newsletter – a monthly (ish) contemplation on living, dying, amends, preparations, reparations & reclamations. Some topics will include the paperwork of dying, what is a “good death”?, after death plans, and ancestral legacies. I will share my personal deathtending process this year as well.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.

    1. Eos

      Thank you so much for sharing Alice. I can feel your work and love what you are doing.

      I just took the survey and joined the newsletter.

      With Love,


      Your work is so powerful Alice, I tried to answer your survey and I found it too challenging, and I thank you for the opportunity to observe where I’m at with this subject right now. But also I decided not to push. In the future when I’m ready I know I can connect with your community to learn and grow my relationship with death, and that brings me peace.


    My most recent offering is the Intuitive Business Reading.

    I channel guidance from your business essence & my guides to help you overcome blocks and take the next most aligned steps in your business so it can expand & grow beautifully.

    I had a few amazing clients who bought it in December at the launching price, now I’ve put the ‘real’ price up and the next step is clients buying it at that higher price!

    It will be way out of my comfort zone as the price is higher than what I’m normally comfortable with (but I also feel I’m ready (not :)) for that stretch).



    P.S. It was very lovely to watch the replay, learn more about some of you and be in that space with all 🙂

    1. Eos

      Thank you for sharing Julie. So happy to hear you are ready for that stretch. Keep holding the vision and staying in the energy of trust and things will unfold one step at the time.

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