Group Coaching Dec 2022

Here is the recording of our group coaching session from December 15th.
We explored everything around closing circles and freeing up energy for ourselves and how to hold a project energetically even if it takes longer.
Being intentional with our energy in our projects.
If you watch the replay, feel free to share your insights and reflections in our telegram group or in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Group Coaching Dec 2022

  1. Julia Fellmer

    It is so clear that it is the right way to work only on projects that really feel aligned and where my body and soul feel “safe” and I already experienced how right and powerful it feels. But on the other hand to do so is such a new pattern and so different from what I learned that it also evokes feelings of threat… often they are so powerful that in the End I do “what has to be done” because I started it or because others expect it (or I think they dos so) or because this is what one does. A huge field of learning for me.

  2. Eos

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts beautiful Julia. It feels powerful to know how you want to feel about the projects and things you are working on.

    I so well understand that this shift is uncomfortable in the beginning. Upleveling and changing is something our nervous system often sees as a danger to protect us from. Taking small steps and creating the experience of safety in these small changes is how we can build more resilience to be able to allow and hold more of the good things in our life.

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