Group coaching Oct 2022

Here is the recording of our group coaching session from October 26th.
I loved the energy of realignment and the softening and acceptance of our own journey cycle that was present in our circle today. Thank you everyone for sharing.
What is shared stays safe in this circle and we hold our sharing close to our hearts in this space. I am so grateful for you and your commitment to showing up for yourself and your business.
If you watch the replay, feel free to share your insights and reflections in our telegram group or in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Group coaching Oct 2022

  1. Anja Maria Köhler

    Dear beautiful women,

    I am glad I could feel some of our group’s spirit watching the recording. I resonated with swimming in muddy water and the death and rise of the phoenix. I just gave up my old self of being a woman employed in corporate industry and it seems that I may not even take my company mobile phone number with me. I am still waiting for the portation and am cut off from all Whatsapp and telegram contacts currently. Due to my family situation I hardly have the capacity to work for my private business right now – except for one customer and she is so grateful. The right time will come to regrow our feathers and rise. We will be more beautiful and stronger than ever. My intention for next week – I will call a second customer who has been waiting for an energy treatment for weeks. Thank you for the inspiration to take action!

    Lots of love

    1. Eos

      Thank you so much for sharing beautiful Anja Maria. ?

      Holding you in this situation of letting go. The phoenix is so strong, often challenging, and also very cleansing.

      Maybe it is time to start fresh and get a new phone number so you can transfer everything you need and open a new cycle with clean energy. We sometimes try to resist the liminal space in between, but the more we soften and trust the process the easier we flow through the situation.

      I can also feel that sometimes when we do a step that is so important to us, like for you letting go of your job, we unconsciously limit ourselves in other areas.

      We often are used to a certain level of how good we allow ourselves to feel and if one area improves a lot, we create some “trouble” in other areas to stay on our “invisible” level of comfort.

      There are always so many blessings in every situation and we are always growing.

      So excited to hear you will call a client who is waiting to work with you. Sometimes it is all about opening our energy and allowing the flow. You have got this, one little step at a time. ?

      Sending you lots of love,

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