Group coaching May 2022

Recording of our group coaching call from May 23rd where we explored what success means to us, how success starts from the inside out, and how we can align to what we desire through the practice of gratitude:
If you watch the replay, feel free to share your insights and reflections in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

9 thoughts on “Group coaching May 2022

  1. Andrea Löffler

    My goal is to flourish.
    Sometimes ist is not so easy. In some topics ist is hard for me. One topic is my female beeing.
    I think, when i flourish, I feel lively.
    Thank you for this Space.

    1. Eos

      Thank you for sharing and watching the replay Andrea. ?

      Love your intention of flourishing. That feels so expansive and like a soft opening. ✨

    2. Ulrike Nau-Wess

      I like your goal to flourish a lot, Andrea. It feels like soft and effortless beingness – without pushing, just opening in the direction of the sun… Flourish means to me to live our essence.
      My female parts are also waiting to be picked up and to come into life – some have already recovered, which feels wonderful!

  2. Anja Maria Köhler

    Hello Ladies,

    so nice to watch the replay and listen to you while ironing. 😉 I am almost done with my process to let go my office job and this has been a long and hard process. The termination letter is already signed and here on my desk, I just have to send it before leaving for a vacation to Mallorca. I resonate with the wish for stability and the wish to be meaningful in my work. And I also know the feeling of not shining my full potential because of wanting to be loved. I will practice with Eos’ tipps! I send you lots of love! <3 Anja

    1. Eos

      Thank you so much for sharing Anja. ? I am so excited and happy to read that you are almost at the place of letting go of your office job. This feels like such a step towards your dream life.
      Holding the space for you for everything to align in the most perfect way and a joyful holiday time in Mallorca. ✨
      With Love, ?

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