Co-working session May 2022

Here is the recording of our co-working session from May 9th.
I loved the energy of focus and forward movement that was present in our circle today.
If you are working on something in the replay, feel free to share your intention on how you want to feel, what you are working on, and the reflection afterward in the comments below so we can hold you energetically.

3 thoughts on “Co-working session May 2022

  1. Lorraine Pannetier

    Hi beautiful ladies, so sorry I couldn’t join live yesterday. I’m going to catch up with the recording and your amazing energy later tonight and use the group circle of love to create something magical! <3
    Lorraine xx

    1. Eos

      Thank you for sharing Lorraine and enjoy diving into the energy of the circle.
      Looking forward to reading from you about the magic you are creating. ?

    2. Ellen Holzschuster

      Heihei Lorraine,
      rest assured that you were pArt of this magic circle. EnJoy your magical creation. Curios how you felt before and after.

      Have a great one,

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